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Recent Project News:

Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle
Jim co-wrote the score to this charming feature from Academy Award-winning director Mike van Diem, which recently had its theatrical release across Canada after a very successful festival circuit run, winning audience favourite awards in a number of cities, including Chicago and Toronto.

Jim is currently scoring, with partner-in-crime Tim Welch, season five of the hit sci-fi adventure series Killjoys, produced by Temple Street and airing on Space and SyFy.

Jim composed the music for director Audrey Cummings' sci-fi/fantasy/thriller, produced by Shaftesbury Films' Smokebomb Entertainment. He won "Best Music Score" at the Blood in the Snow Film festival.

This Blows
Jim recently scored this
CBC horror comedy series with pal Craig Northey. Produced by Bruce McCulloch and Susan Cavan.
mcgrath composer music
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